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A vital part of our ethos is the performance of a very wide variety of music from the 16th to the 21st Century. We also regularly undertake singing tours abroad -  to Tuscany, France, Belgium and Germany in recent years - and we regularly sing in other venues around England on annual "away-days". Such tours have the considerable added benefit of bringing the choir together socially as well as musically.

Our Chairman, Peter Miller, spoke a little about the history of the choir during a recent interview for Radio Harrow - click here to listen to the excerpt.

Music Director
We are very fortunate to have Simon Williams as our Music Director. His musical and teaching skill, humour and dedication make the learning of challenging pieces not only achievable but also a thoroughly enjoyable experience while Bernard Barker, our brilliant accompanist since 1994, is an essential and highly valued part of our organisation.

Following the very sad and premature death of Richard Hickox at the end of 2008, we were delighted when Ian Caley accepted our invitation to become our new President. In addition to being one of the country's best known and most versatile tenors, Ian has been a friend and supporter of the choir for many years and his advice and mentoring are a considerable asset - not to mention his numerous solo performances with us over the years.

Open Rehearsals
We hold Open Rehearsals quite regularly to which anyone with even a passing interest in joining the choir (or even just curiosity as to what we get up to on Monday evenings) is invited. However, anyone wishing to attend any of our rehearsals throughout the year - on a totally no obligation basis - will be extremely welcome. Just turn up or, if you wish, contact our Honorary Membership Secretary Jill Mans for more information.

Follow this link for more details of how to join us and where we meet. You’ll also find details there of our training choir for anyone who may wish to brush up their singing skills before auditioning for the main choir.

Christmas Music CD
A few years ago we recorded a CD of Christmas Music entitled Cum Cantibus in Choro which is still highly popular at the appropriate time of year, particularly as a stocking-filler, and is available to purchase through the choir. You can listen to extracts on this website.

Private Functions
We are more than willing to offer our services for weddings and other functions either as a full choir or in smaller form, as appropriate.  Please contact our music director, Simon Williams, for more information.