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Join the choir


If you’re at all interested in joining us, you would be most welcome to come along for a few weeks to our Monday evening rehearsals to see how you get on. You would be made to feel very much at home and given as much support as you need.

Then, if the experience of trying us out hasn’t entirely put you off, you can apply to join us properly – which does unfortunately involve an audition! However, this is not one of those terrifying, stress laden, life-shortening experiences that sit alongside moving house, getting divorced and one’s own death. It’s a very straightforward, informal test just to ensure that you can sing reasonably in tune and in time, and that your chosen voice part is correct (ie soprano, alto, tenor or bass).  We're not looking for soloist qulaity.  Some basic music-reading ability, however rudimentary, would be helpful.  However, in the absence of this, a willingness and aptitude to learn the music by virtue of regular attndance at rehearsals (and perhaps some homework) will usually suffice.

So just turn up (Monday evenings 7.45pm – 9,45pm at St Albans Church Hall, Norwood Drive, North Harrow HA2 7PF) or, if you wish, contact our Honorary Membership Secretary Jill Mans for more information - tel: 020 8248 7625.

However, if you feel that you would benefit from some tuition, or perhaps revision, before applying to join the main choir, we do have a highly successful Training Choir. It involves a 1 year crash-course in singing – one day per week - under the brilliant tutelage of Hilary Musgrave, covering all the skills needed to join a full choir. Follow the link to find our more.

Please have a look at this short video about joining the choir and what you might expect if you were to do so.

If you would like to be involved in the choir without having to actually sing, you may like to consider becoming a “Friend”. Subscription is only £20 but provides significant and very welcome support. Friends are entitled to reserved seating with their ticket purchases, invitations to social events, and a copy of our regular newsletter. Please contact Colette Quirk if you would like to consider becoming a Friend.